David has inspired a quarter million people worldwide to awaken beyond their mind’s limitations. Through Awakened Life Coaching and one of four world-wide Sedona Method Instructors, David Ellzey is a leader in the Mindfulness Movement. David is a Best-Selling Author, and a noted Keynote and Guest Speaker who works with C-Level Executives, Corporate Teams as well as Individuals going through Divorce, Stress of Parenting and Caregiving for the Aging or Dying. Work with David Ellzey to experience what it’s like to have Freedom from stressful emotions, like anxiety, anger, fear -Living beyond self-judgment and self-doubt.

A 20-year career as an actor on TV, Film, such as Moonlighting, Dallas and Child’s Play 3, as well as his work on Stage and Off-Broadway, augments David’s message, topics and engagement while thrilling listeners and spectators of corporations, groups and seminar attendees.


Conscious coach, author, speaker, and seminar leader, David has inspired a quarter million people worldwide to awaken beyond the mind’s limitations – to an unlimited sense of life and of who they are.

David is a rare presence who masterfully creates trust and self-awareness by inviting you to intimately know your own being. With gentle humor, a global awareness, and a laser ability, he helps you dismantle the prison imposed by limited thought, emotion, and living based in the past.

Academically studying personal development and transformation was not as fulfilling for David as the direct exploration of humanity and consciousness across four continents first as an actor and for the last 20 years as a seminar leader and coach in the field of awakening awareness.

Today, those who benefit from David’s work include many who’ve been inspired by Eckart Tolle, Byron Katie, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and others. They have studied yoga, meditation, Zen, non-duality, and more. Their concerns include the integration of spiritual principles into daily life and diminishing stress amidst issues such as divorce, organizational leadership, finances, relationships, caregiving, dying, and health. In the end, the life-changing discovery is the same, that the ultimate source of peace, clarity, and transformation is found within.


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David’s success in inspiring a quarter of a million people worldwide qualifies him to co-author a chapter in this wise book containing a combination of experts on success in diverse fields of entrepreneurial endeavor.

After a life-changing experience at age fourteen sensing the unseen presence behind, and which permeates, all of life, David’s spiritual journey continued at age seventeen. Deftly lead by his master teacher, Samuel Avital, David studied silence and the infinite potential of emptiness through the ancient principles of Kabbalah and the performance art form of pantomime. Later as a global instructor of the release technique, The Sedona Method, David was trained to guide people beyond identifying with emotions and stories to the inherent freedom of their true nature. David’s own inspiration has included his dear teachers, Francis Lucille, Neelam, and the journey of life itself.

His public seminars around the world are often translated live into French and Spanish. His corporate clients include: The World Bank, Discovery Communications, The United Nations, and Fortune 500 companies. He is a member of the guest faculty at Omega Institute and the Blue Spirit Retreat Center in Costa Rica.

As a life and leadership coach he has investigated the journey of awakening with his private clients for over twenty years. As an executive coach, David’s clients include leaders, management, and teams in many fields including the investment industry with firms of $10-50 billion assets under management. His focus is on conscious leadership creating high performance through self-awareness and a company culture of collaboration.

The International Federation of Coaches – Licensed Professional

The Sedona Method: Emotional Health Technique- Licensed Global Instructors

Lifetime Career Working in the Field of Consciousness and Well-Being

His thirty year successful acting career found him on TV, film, and stage. He’s inspired audiences as a transformational entertainer at peace events around the world: from Hiroshima to the United Nations University to The World Youth Peace Conference in Moscow where he received a standing ovation from an audience representing 160 nations.

His most recent book, The Ocean of Now, helps you live powerfully in the present moment. His upcoming book with Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield is entitled, Stepping Stones to Success. He co-authored the #1 best seller, WIN: 35 Winning Strategies from Leading Entrepreneurs.

Testimonials of David’s global work


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“David has a special blend of professionalism on the subject matter at hand and connecting in a very human way with participants. In fact, that human touch, with both humor and warmth, really opened the door for more profound conversations on the work of the team.”

Douglass Gardner

Deputy Assistant Administrator, United Nations Development Program

“David is a dynamic and gifted teacher.”

Sally Jessy Raphael

Author & Emmy Award Winning TV Talk Show Host, NBC

“David is one of those rare master coaches. His coaching was the beacon that guided me to new and fertile territory as I navigated the complexities of a divorce, a growing career, and raising children. I can’t imagine getting through it without him.”

Jan Nolte

Executive Communications Consultant,

“I gained my life back after my divorce. Thank you for giving me the tools to move on with my life.”

Barbara Washburn

New York, NY