Why You Can’t Find Love – And Where to Find it.

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Ever notice how we say we live by this spiritual tradition, or that faith, or that scripture, and yet we have this underlying drive from something else? What is it? I propose we are unconsciously more faithful to the illusion that someone else has the love we need and we’ll do almost anything to obtain it. It could be seeking love from our parents (even if dead), God, childhood guardians, society, life itself. We live to our dying day in search of this “someday” love or approval.
If only we’d look better, talk right, have the right possessions, be the right weight, be taller, shorter, blonder, smarter, or have more masculine or feminine energy. All of this predicated on the agonizing and unending perception that we are imperfect and can “fix” ourselves to entitle us to be worthy of love. Unfortunately, this is the hidden bible most all of us live by deep within.
UNTIL. Until we face that we could not even exist if not for the love of life for itself. The love of God for its own creation. We are a unique child of an infinite cosmos dancing with itself. You choose the words to fit your faith or belief. But as your eyes read these words, be radical. Be open to the possibility that the unconscious perception of “lack” is false. Be open to the possibility that our essential and infinite nature – our very substance need not be earned. It IS already. Without it we would not be. Without lack, love simply – is. 
I dare you. See beyond the illusion of lack for just this nanosecond of your life. What is here if that illusion is not? Seriously. Try this. Let this be more than just another internet blog post. Let’s say you had a minor concussion and forgot what the idea of lack means. Be here without it for just this second. Take a breath, lower your shoulders. Breath again. You ARE the love that you seek. No more “somedays.” Rest here and finally – drink of your own being.

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