[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”100%px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]“I have a sense of amazement and power, am blown away, and have incredible awe at the accuracy of your partnered insights that are facilitating my growth and immersion into the next stage of my life, especially after my mother’s passing. I am humbled to have this opportunity to work with you. Blessings David.” 
— Mary Jo Romano, Connecticut [/dropshadowbox]

What is Coaching for Caregivers and Conscious Dying?
Whether personally or professionally, caring for an ill or dying loved one can deeply engage the heart and emotions – and ignite your own fears of mortality and death. The lack of boundaries of care can sometimes threaten your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Paradoxically, during this often strenuous time the opportunity exists for uncovering a profound self-understanding and love. This can result in a life-enhancing awareness of the timeless presence that is the background of all life. This coaching is designed to assist you to navigate these very unique waters and discover this profound truth beneath the surface. Along this coaching journey your deepened self-awareness also serves to quiet your emotionality and support your loved one in more peace, healing, and in the transition of dying. If you are the one facing dying, this coaching can awaken the precious gift of a conscious and gracious life in your final days, months, or years.

Who is David as a coach and what can you expect from him? 
Having walked a loved one through cancer, hospice, and the daily steps to dying, David’s heart is warmly matched to both those dying and those caring for them who wish to see the mysterious doorway to the light of awareness and peace that dying affords us. David has a rarely-matched calm, safe presence, and a disarming compassion. He has a laser clear ability to graciously, yet convincingly, invite you to see what is stirred up around dying, illness, or in a challenging relationship with your loved one – and walk you to the profound freedom available even amidst these. He is licensed with The International Federation of Coaches and is one of four globally licensed instructors of the emotional letting go technique, The Sedona Method. For years working in the field of consciousness and inner freedom David specializes in combining awakened awareness, letting go, and the investigation into perception. These approaches integrate to unravel whatever holds you back from the tranquility and love available even in the face of both life and death.

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  • Some of the common areas addressed:
  •  Overwhelm
  •  The regenerative power of self-care
    Facing the sense of loss at the diminishing mind and body of a loved one
  •  Finding your healthy boundaries as a caregiver
  • ♦ The freedom found in facing the normalcy of death
  •  That first time they don’t know who you are
  •  Self-judgment and self-doubt in your care
    ♦ Overcoming the savior and caretaker complex
  •  Your discomfort at being near the dying

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PACKAGES: Each coaching session is one hour
Three Coaching Sessions – with customized support audios available

Uncover and begin to dissolve core thoughts, emotions, and perceptions that have been unconsciously driving your experience and relationships while caring for a loved one in illness or dying. In awakening to more consciously being in this process you open to an experience of more expansive love and potentially a profound peace.

Six Sessions – with customized support audios available
Similar to the three sessions, but longer in impact, the purpose of six sessions is to continue deepening your experience of being who you are beyond the old ways of perceiving yourself, your loved one, and illness or dying. In these sessions you can focus more on an on-going concern, something that’s on your plate for the day, or deeper self-inquiry. The results are the same; rooting your life journey more and more in boundless love and ease of being.

Ongoing Sessions – with customized support audios available
In this package, coaching with David is like having a conscious coach to check-in with on the sidelines of this unique phase of life on an ongoing basis. With time your deepest unconscious perceptions give way to a foundational sense of awakened awareness based in self-love, peace, and a calm intelligence that guides your more consistent way of being with your loved one and in all of your life.

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