Coaching with a focus on parenting brings David’s years of experience to the table with his calm and wise counsel for parents. You’ll receive concrete skills and a new awareness to convert your parenting experience from anxiety and self-doubt to raising your child with love and self-assured wisdom.


David’s unique approach combining awakened awareness, letting go, and self-inquiry is designed to transform your inner emotional landscape as a parent into one of self-love and self-care which helps you more lovingly raise your child, building a deeper bond that can last a lifetime. David especially invites parents to work with him who recognize that the path of parenting is integral to, and yet only a part of, your personal journey of self-discovery and soul’s fulfillment.

David’s coaching approach is designed to help you:

  • Escape the prison of self-judgment – and parent with self-assured calm
  • Support your child to blossom in their uniqueness and confidence
  • Recognize the difference between over-control and appropriate guidelines
  • Finally see through the lie of you “not being enough” as a parent
  • Gain four key skills of parenting that you can rely on in challenging moments
  • Create precious times with your child before they’ve grown and moved on
  • Relax with peace of mind, knowing there is someone in your life who understands what you’re going through


David’s services are for you, IF:

  • You have a sincere desire for your children to feel safe enough to share their lives with you
  • You recognize that your relationship with your child is impacted by your relationship with yourself
  • You’re willing to face any of your unconscious mindsets and behaviors that might be hindering a more rewarding relationship with your child and yourself
  • You are ready and willing to take the necessary steps to grow as a parent, and a person, to experience the joy and honor it is to share the life of a young soul

    *** Private sessions by phone or Skype.

    Coaching sessions and customized support audios available
    1) Package of Three Sessions. Each an hour. Begins momentum.
    2) Package of Six Sessions. Integrates your transformation into parenting.
    3) Ongoing sessions. Stabilizes your new awareness more deeply.

    See if this feels right for you

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What Parent Coaching Clients are Saying …

“The difference that this work with David has made in my family, especially in my relationships with my children, is priceless. As a mother, this is what I wanted.”  – Niki Niknafs, California

“David is one of those rare master coaches … as I navigated the complexities of a divorce, a growing career, and raising children. I can’t imagine getting through it without him.” – Jan Nolte, Executive Communications Consultant

“David’s a master coach who can dissolve my panic of single motherhood into a place of profound peace within minutes. He is rare and precious indeed.”              – Allana Pratt, TV/Radio Host, Sensual Empowerment Coach, Author of How to Be & Stay Sexy****


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