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Is conscious coaching right for you? Across five continents David has coached parents, leaders, people going through divorce and financial concerns, as well as people awakening to a deeper knowing of who they are.  Through this coaching they successfully let go of, and see through, the hold that thoughts, emotions, and stress have on their well-being and tranquility. Ultimately this work is to help you know a more free sense of being – and how to live this understanding more fully in your daily life of relationships, career, health, and self-knowing.

This 30-Minute Consultation is designed to: 

  • Give Experts and Executives Precision Guidance on next steps for career and balance.
  • Reveal a Clear Understand of Your Current Situation and clarify your sense of awareness of the tools you already have or need to succeed in your life.
  • Clarify Your Hopes and Goals during your Consultation.
  • Let You Experience Ease Regarding Dissolving a few Obstacles.
  • Help You Decide if Conscious Coaching Can Support You and Your Goals with a Quieter Mind, greater understanding of who you are and provide you with the skills to calmly navigate and flourish life’s many challenges.

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David Ellzey Enterprises

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