Prospering with Sustainable Success

“I would trust David 100% to contribute to the health of any organization lucky enough to have him.”
George Pierson, Creative Media Senior Executive

Leadership and Organizational Health


Conscious Leadership Coaching
David has worked and studied in the field of human potential and emotional intelligence for thirty years in the U.S and Europe. Recent executive coaching clients include General Counsels, Chief Operating Officers, and Senior V.P’s at investment firms with $10-50 billion Assets Under Management. With his interest in empowering youth leadership, he’s keynoted at numerous Youth Leadership Events and reached 200,000 U.S. youth with his program on confidence and substance abuse prevention, called, Growing Up Healthy.

David specializes in guiding leaders in mastering core leadership skills, gaining a mindful self-awareness – and finding their personal style of effective leadership to drive their organization’s success. David is certified by the International Federation of Coaches and the global coaching firm, Results Coaching.

David believes that the greatest leaders inspire by modeling their actions and relationships in alignment with their words and vision, engendering the trust of their teams and employees creating the essential fabric for an organization to thrive.


As a Trainer
Whether leading trainings in the U.S. or Europe for large organizations or small, David has inspired teams, leaders, and employees to handle change with increased creativity, collaboration, and a new sense of possibilities.

David’s organizational clients are in fields such as medicine, education, manufacturing, health, media, and finance. A few companies include Discovery Communications, Novartis, The World Bank, Future Business Leaders of America, Gilbert Asset Management, Fresenius North America, and consultancy work for The United Nations Development Programme which directs UN funds in 166 nations.

Working with David, teams discover how to move beyond outdated thinking and emotions that sabotage relationships and communication. This improves decision making and physical health, ultimately improving overall performance. David’s specialty is teaching success through emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and improved communication. 

Overview: Stress & Success in the Workplace
Research shows that the brain’s highest functioning capacity is often weakened when anxiety and emotionality interfere. Physical health is also negatively affected. In the 1990′s the U.S. lost nearly 6.5 million days of work due to stress. Today, the stress factors are even higher. And these facts only reflect work days lost by sick leave. It does not factor in weakened performance while remaining at work.

In David’s trainings the organization or team learns to dissolve or manage stress emotions like anxiety, frustration, fear, and anger. He also reveals the powerful impact of mastering core communication skills. The brain can increase its functionality, blood pressure can decrease, and one can experience a clarity of mind, more productive communication, improved decision making, and greater team cohesion.

The benefits of these trainings include how to: 

  • Improve leadership effectiveness and communication
  • Increase opportunity awareness
  •  Improve intra-team communication and collaboration
  •  Improve reasoning, creativity and problem solving
  • Enhance client relationships
  • Help all personnel to be more calm and thus perform better

  • IN SHORT …
    An organization is a living and constantly changing organism. It’s life expectancy is determined by its ability to sustain healthy collaboration between all of its parts during internal and external change. This collaboration can be called blood flow. If the flow is hindered or blocked by poor leadership or a toxic culture, the organism functions at a lower capacity or gets ill and can perish. Luckily, there are ways to increase a company’s sustainable health and create a vitally alive and flourishing business.

Corporate Testimonials and Endorsements from The United Nations, Future Business Leaders of America, and more.

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