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CORPORATE TRAININGS: Whether leading trainings for large organizations like The United Nations or for small companies, David inspires the employee, team, and leadership to positively handle change, be productive with creativity, and gain a sense of new possibilities for collective achievement. The human being in an organization is complex, and yet predictable. They increase in performance when appreciated and decrease when not. Ellzey Corporate Training places a premium on high-level communication and emotional intelligence – with application activity built into every module. David offers strategic human insight with over thirty years working in the Field of Consciousness and Well-Being to align training with your business goals. All courses and seminars have genuine business impact. Setting a safe container for human development and transformation is David’s expertise.

PUBLIC SEMINARS: David’s international seminars and retreats focus on how to live daily life grounded in the unlimited nature of who you are. Using ancient and modern techniques of self-inquiry, letting go, self-awareness, and embodiment, these seminars have redirected countless people’s lives from inner turmoil and a feeling of powerlessness, to more fulfilling relationships, careers, health, and a profound peace.

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THE SEDONA METHOD® The How to of Letting Go

Free yourself of stressful emotions and live beyond your mind’s limitations.

In today’s challenging times, how do you process your feelings of anxiety and mental stress – and discover who you are beyond them? Do you: Internalize and suffer alone? Do you: Express and pour them onto others, social media, and the world around you? Let those feelings go, gain a new calmness, and sense a life of greater possibilities.

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Designed as 3 Day Retreat. On these three life-changing days you’ll learn how to live a healthy and self-healing life through the four pillars of well-being: vital movement, nutritious food, unconditioned love, and letting go. This four-part combination guarantees happiness, health, and inner wellness.  Co-lead by international Sedona Method instructor, David Ellzey, and integrative medicine physician Dr. Maarten Klatte.

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This course is based on David’s book of the same name. Do you respond to life based on our automated emotional habits and perceptions developed since childhood? Can you be open to the field of possibilities beyond any habits or past experiences? The answer to these questions can be experienced as a liberation from the confines of expected results based on the past.

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In these times of extreme changes and challenges, we often unconsciously live focused on our feelings and thoughts. This workshop embraces both the body and mind’s content as the perfect portal to that which is beyond both. In this participatory course, we use ancient questions of self-inquiry, techniques of letting go, dance, meditation, and the exploration of empty space to guide you past the misperception of you and your body as a fixed and limited object.

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“All of the key people in my company have taken your course. Not only has there been a dramatic (over 200%) increase in sales, but the best part is that we enjoy working together, in harmony, watching our dreams unfold. As a company, releasing gives us a major advantage over our competitors.” Click More

Rick Solomon

President, CPA Network

Corporate Trainer & Team Coaching

Whether leading trainings in the U.S. or Europe for large organizations or small, David Ellzey has inspired teams, leaders, and employees to handle change with increased creativity, collaboration, and a new sense of possibilities.

David’s organizational clients are in fields such as medicine, education, manufacturing, health, media, and finance. A few companies include Discovery Communications, Novartis, The World Bank, Future Business Leaders of America, Gilbert Asset Management, Fresenius North America, and consultancy work for The United Nations Development Programme which directs UN funds in 166 nations.

David’s specialty is teaching success through emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and improved communication. Teams discover how to move beyond outdated thinking and emotions that sabotage relationships and communication in the workplace and at home. This improves decision making and physical health, ultimately improving overall performance.

The Benefits of David Ellzey Corporate Training include how to:

•Improve leadership effectiveness and communication.

•Increase opportunity awareness.

•Improve intra-team communication and collaboration.

•Improve reasoning, creativity and problem solving.

•Enhance client relationships.

•Help all personnel to be more calm and thus perform better.

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“David has a special blend of professionalism on the subject matter at hand and connecting in a very human way with participants. In fact that human touch with both humor and warmth, really opened the door for more profound conversations on the work of the team. I would recommend David without hesitation…” Click More

Douglass Gardner

Deputy Director, United Nations Development Programme

Leadership Coaching

Every successful executive & leader inspires others and can benefit from being inspired by a high-level coach. The greatest leaders inspire by modeling their actions and relationships in alignment with their words and vision, engendering the trust of their teams and employees creating the essential fabric for an organization to thrive.

Conscious Leadership Coaching: David has worked and studied in the field of human potential and emotional intelligence for thirty years in the U.S and Europe. Recent executive coaching clients include General Counsels, Chief Operating Officers, and Senior V.P’s at investment firms with $10-50 billion Assets Under Management. With his interest in empowering youth leadership, he’s keynoted at numerous Youth Leadership Events and reached 200,000 U.S. youth with his program on confidence and substance abuse prevention, called, Growing Up Healthy.

David specializes in guiding leaders in mastering core leadership skills, gaining a mindful self-awareness – and finding their personal style of effective leadership to drive their organization’s success. David is certified by the International Federation of Coaches and the global coaching firm, Results Coaching.

Leadership Coaching is Conscious Coaching. Learn More CLICK

“This method is one of the easiest and most powerful tools of self-improvement and spiritual growth I have ever experienced.” Click More

Jack Canfield

Best-Selling Author: Chicken Soup for the Soul

“David, you have a very unique talent in opening up massive amounts of blocked energy with razor sharp skills in listening for clues and then hitting the bull’s-eye every time. This is intuitive way beyond your life coaching skills and I am very grateful to be working with such a powerful individual such as yourself. Anyone wanting to change their lives or business direction must call you for an appointment because I believe you work in the realm of miracles. Money very well spent.” Click More

David Herman

New York

 The International Federation of Coaches – Licensed Professional

 The Sedona Method Emotional Health Technique – Licensed Global Instructor

 Lifetime Career Working in the Field of Consciousness and Well-Being