David Ellzey is Certified by The International Federation of Coaches – EXECUTIVE COACHING and CONSCIOUS COACHING EXPERT


Recent executive coaching clients include General Counsels, Chief Operating Officers, and Senior V.P’s at investment firms with $10-50 billion Assets Under Management. David has worked and studied in the field of human potential and emotional intelligence for thirty years in the U.S and Europe.

David Ellzey has been guiding C-Level Leaders and Corporate Managers in mastering core leadership skills while they gain mindful self-awareness. Whether Corporate Coaching Individual’s or Teams, each person receives contemporary & effective principal styles to drive their organization to success.

The Benefits of Leadership Coaching or Corporate Training: 

  • Improve Leadership Effectiveness and Communication
  • Increase Opportunity Awareness & Partnerships within Your Community
  • Improve Intra-team communication and collaboration
  • Improve Reasoning, Creativity and Problem Solving
  • Enhance Personal, Client & Co-Worker Relationships
  • Up Your Performance & Stamina
  • Success in ALL Areas of Life and Workplace


Clients are in fields such as medicine, education, manufacturing, health, media, and finance. A few companies include Discovery Communications, Novartis, The World Bank, Future Business Leaders of America, Gilbert Asset Management, Fresenius North America, and consultancy work for The United Nations Development Programme.

Working with David, teams discover how to move beyond outdated thinking and emotions that sabotage relationships and communication. This improves decision making and physical health, ultimately improving overall performance.

At the outset of this course, I experienced a shift in consciousness, a great broadening of courageousness. It was a real surprise to discover a new strength for creating and doing things, just springing from within. Not only has this shift persisted until now, a month after the course, but it is still expanding. Honestly, I didn’t expect such a great gain during a three-day course and I feel very grateful about it. David has the rare capacity, not only to show things with clarity, to teach and bring deep changes with ease, but he also transmits something which gives the whole experience an entirely new dimension.”

Norbert Martin

Neuchâtel, Switzerland

If you get to facilitate group experiences that come anywhere close to this weekend’s magnificence on a regular basis the world will be changing exponentially! I have never experienced working anywhere near this depth before. Many thanks David.”

Dona McNiell

North Carolina

“This course helped remind me that the space around thoughts is really safe. I’m now clearer about how good that space feels. I feel calmer, stronger, and more centered. Thank you, David.”

Arlene Gorman

New Jersey

“Our department has gone through a complete transformation. Relationships have dramatically improved…We are able to stay calmer during very hectic periods.  David uses his masterful people skills to entertain and inspire. I would trust him 100% to contribute to the health of any company lucky enough to have him.”

George Pierson

Creative Media Senior Executive

“Thank you very much, David, for inspiring our team here at Gilbert Advanced Asset Management. Your teaching style is gentle, entertaining, laser clear and highly effective in guiding the participants into a real understanding of how to improve their relationships with clients, co-workers, and even at home. The feedback has been very positive and I look forward to you individually coaching our team members and going to another level with the whole team contributing to our long term success here at GAAM. Thank you again!”

Pamela Corrigan

CEO, Gilbert Advanced Asset Management, Inc.

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