The Body as the Universe Unbound

David Ellzey

The Body as the Universe Unbound

October 21st, 2017
California, United States

Event Information

At this yearly conference, David will explore how the body is the universe unbound, exploding with life seen and unseen. How do we live and celebrate this reality? By seeing where we're bound in the mind and our physical expression of who we believe ourselves to be. The body as the universe unbound is the experience of breaking free of old paradigms of self-perception in body and being. Merging meditation, letting go, inquiry, dance and movement, you'll dissolve your self-limiting judgements and beliefs. Then celebrating through movement/dance you'll experience the physical and deep freedom inherent to your being as a unique expression of the limitless universe. REGISTER AND FOR MORE DETAILS CLICK HERE

Organiser's Details

Regsiter for the conference online at: See "SAND17 US" for the conference in the US in October. My experiental workshop is October 21, 3:30pm, Guadalupe Room.


Dolce Hayes Mansion
200 Edenvale Ave. San Jose
CA 95136