The Freedom and Power of Letting Go

David Ellzey

The Freedom and Power of Letting Go

October 28th - 29th, 2017
Chicago, IL 60642, United States

Event Information

Do you feel controlled by anxiety or emotions triggered by this challenging world? Do you feel a deep calling to know who you are beyond the mind? Are mindfulness and contemplative living important to you? In this life-changing workshop you’ll learn how to dissolve and see through anxiety and any emotion that hinders your inner freedom and self-knowing. Whether facing challenges of health, divorce, finances, addiction, or other trials, you can discover a calm self-love that holds unshakeable strength and wisdom. You’ll learn techniques of letting go like The Sedona Method, and ancient/modern questions of self-inquiry. Ultimately, this workshop will reveal your true essence as the divine mystery itself; the source of all strength, wisdom, and a bountiful love beyond measure. REGISTER and more info HERE

Organiser's Details

Bodhi Spiritual Center
1356 W Augusta Blvd, Suite 101
Chicago, IL 60642


Bodhi Spirutual Center, Chicago
1356 W Augusta Blvd
Suite 101