• Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 1.00.09 AMHow to Live Spiritually and Take Action in an Out-of-Control World

    So how do we live spiritually and take action in a seemingly out-of-control world? As this country appears to be imitating the 1940’s in our own nation, grouping all people of one background or faith as potential enemies, seeing more hate crimes, and good-hearted people are taken into back rooms in airports sometimes without access to lawyers – and their names not being released yet, simply because they have the misfortune of being the “wrong” religion or from the wrong country, what do we do? How do we respond?

    First, honor the crying and enraged heart. As humanity appears to fracture its own oneness and turns on itself, the heart feels a deep wound at this painful falsehood of separation. Honor this pain. The hurting heart is a good sign that it is not yet buried in callousness or blind rage. Second, do your very best, before taking action, to deeply, and I mean this, deeply remember what you are “for” not just against. Thus, you enlist the heart and soul’s essential importance, and you’re not driven by a feeling of powerless emotional reactivity. As with Ghandi, or Martin Luther King, even with emotional passion, the actions they inspired in the name of something were more powerful than action only against something. Of course what we are for and against are intertwined, but when we focus only on what we are against, the object of our anger is fueled by the energy of attention. This is the law of life.

    So stop, honor the pain, the anger, the fear, the outrage, the terror. Stop. Breathe. Stop again. Breathe again. Come back to this moment, out of the mind, the images, and arguments to “be right.” Stop. Listen deeply. Remember your own heart. Remember a place inside that no one can touch or reach. It is the only sacred place where you truly reside. And finally, from here, take action.

    In this way, and only this way, the heart wins, no matter the outcome in this topsy-turvy world. Why a victory? Because as humanity walks this precarious path into the future, edging toward deeper separation, emotions, and fear of its own self, the true heart’s flame grows once more into an all encompassing fire remembering the oneness and connectedness no longer hidden behind the veil of fear. This victory is no small moment. Indeed, it is Life once more awakening to its own precious, connected, and miraculous self.


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