Being Human AND Spiritual in a chaotic world

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 1.43.25 PMWe are surrounded by a world seemingly falling apart. How do we feel our emotions, and yet not lose our awareness of the truth of our deepest being, our connection to all of life – even to those who appear to be our greatest enemies. I will soon share a video of my talk at Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago, addressing this very topic of hatred, fear, and where to still know love. But until then, in a more poetic way, here are some words to inspire …

The Infinite Author writes the epic human story to be part of the great cosmic play as a way to point back to the boundless scriptwriter from which it sprang forth. In more personal terms, we can see all human experience as the opportunity for it to point us back to unlimited awareness in which it arises. This is the only path that leads to where healing and love can be known in our personal lives and as a species; embracing our common humanness. It is only through this that we can rediscover the undivided awareness that is the container and substance of our very being.

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