Independence Day From The Craziness of The Mind

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HAPPY DAY OF INDEPENDENCE in the U.S. But wait, perhaps it can be Independence Day for more of humanity. Follow me here. Yes, some nations are still under oppressive rule, and yes world dominance is still pursued. And yes there is much work to do to support love rather than hate. However, as valid as these are, I speak not of them. In 1776 the U.S. initiated freedom from oppressive tyranny. What tyranny can we break free of now, that is available for all humanity to overcome, today?

Perhaps a subtle and unseen force which has driven oppression of all eras – and which still drives it today. I am not speaking of an evil force hidden in some bunker somewhere; an enemy we can ferret out of secrecy, or watch depicted in a Marvel comics movie. Instead, and you may be disappointed in its simplicity; In this very moment, we are all under its influence and abuse right where we are. Thankfully we can discover freedom from it also right in this moment – even as you read these words.

The answer is right where you are. Ready? It’s not an enemy, but it’s definitely a driving force of most of our internal suffering and the suffering we inflict on others. It is your mind and its contents. Yes. Are you disappointed at this seemingly anti-climactic answer revealed? However, if embraced in its possibility, your emotional suffering can greatly subside, although your humanness will continue with ups and downs. You, with yourself and others, will need to battle less and less.

Therefore, and stay with me here to the end, your profound freedom can be known only through the recognition of the mind’s fabricated perception of separation. In seeing this, in this very moment, if you were to experiment and be here now, without following the mind, just for this nanosecond of timeless eternity, what is here?

Is it possible that your own Declaration of Independence can be one, not of independence from “another”, but rather a declaration of a calm oneness with all? This is the greatest freedom beyond any words written on any parchment. With this deeper understanding we can continue serving love and caring for this world as feels right, but hopefully now from a new sense of liberation from the ancient lineage of human fear. Rest, dear friend, in this possibility of a new Declaration of Independnce. Happy Holiday!

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