No More Waiting to Know Who You Are

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 11.51.52 AM
This beautiful image is of whales sleeping, but walk with me a bit further. These gentle giants represent the vast being that we are – in form – at rest. These bodies are born of the oceanic reality of their surroundings – and to this vast ocean they will return as they eventually dissolve. We are thus; bodies brought forth from the oceanic vastness of which we are born.

Our humanness, fears, triumphs, and currents of daily life, will not only “someday” return to the transcendent love from which we arise, but in this very moment we are beckoned not to wait. We are beckoned to awaken right now in a silent explosion of ecstasy to the reality that there is no someday. We ARE the vast ocean feeling the currents of its own human expression. The only task we face is to see through the veil of belief that, although in form and traveling this often-challenging human experience, we are anything other than the vastness itself; moving, swimming, and resting within its own infinitely loving arms. (photo: Franco Banfi)

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