From Self-Hatred to Freedom

The agony of hating oneself is
built upon one single, yet tragic, misperception;
that we, as a magnificently unique expression of infinite life,
could be a mistake.
There is no greater pain to the innocent heart than this,
upon which all other judgements of self and world are constructed.

Break open this jail of blindness and be drowned
in the light of liberation from this misunderstanding.
Your humanness, frailties, bumps and scars,
suddenly become your jewels, your precious gems
of uniqueness. Honor them. Bow to them.
It is all they have ever wanted – in order to reveal
their gift to you, their hidden substance …
the substance of all life;
the unfettered dance of being.
Dance my dear friends, dance,
like never before.


David has inspired a quarter million people worldwide to awaken beyond their mind’s limitations. Through Awakened Life Coaching and one of four world-wide Sedona Method Instructors, David Ellzey is a leader in the Mindfulness Movement. David is a Best-Selling Author, and a noted Keynote and Guest Speaker who works with C-Level Executives, Corporate Teams as well as Individuals going through Divorce, Stress of Parenting and Caregiving for the Aging or Dying. Work with David Ellzey to experience what it’s like to have Freedom from stressful emotions, like anxiety, anger, fear -Living beyond self-judgment and self-doubt.