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[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”100%” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]“David is a dynamic and gifted teacher.” Sally Jessy Raphael, Author and TV Host


After taking a recent rest from 25 years of teaching to deepen his own journey while still enjoying a full coaching practice, David will soon continue even more transformational workshops in letting go with The Sedona Method, embodied awakening, and more. Stay tuned to the Events page. 

David’s seminars and retreats leave you feeling profoundly liberated from old thinking and behaviors that have unconsciously driven most of your life. He combines self-inquiry, letting go, guided meditation, laughter, and embodied awakening through movement and dance. Merging his astute understanding of the human condition, humor, and rare presence, he creates a sense of safety, then guides you past old comfort zones to your deepest nature, which is beyond all old ways, and reveals a new unlimited sense of your own being and of life itself.

Below are workshops he will be teaching as well as others to come.

THE SEDONA METHOD® The How to of Letting Go

Free yourself of stressful emotions and live beyond your mind’s limitations. 

“For the first time in my life I can, sometimes in mere seconds … deal with situations and events that would have driven me over the edge. Those around me look at me wondering, ‘Did he win the lottery?’ The answer is no, I got something better—no kidding.” –Kirk Neal, New York, NY

In today’s challenging times, how do you process your feelings of anxiety and mental stress – and discover who you are beyond them? Do you …

  • ♦ Internalize them and suffer alone?
  • ♦ Express and pour them onto others, social media, and the world around you?
  • ♦ Blame others and life for how you feel?
  • ♦ Escape feelings through food, drugs, sex, TV, rock and roll?
  • ♦ Or do you let those feelings go, gain a new calmness, and sense a life of greater possibilities?

On this life-changing course you’ll learn the simple and fast technique for letting go and knowing your true unlimited nature. You’ll know for a fact through direct experience that you can dissolve painful emotions and thoughts at will and reveal an underlying happiness and peace. Thousands around the world use The Sedona Method to gently and swiftly dislodge feelings and thoughts of anger, fear, anxiety, depression and more. One can then expand into living a life beyond the limitations previously believed to be real.

Sky IIIn 1952,  physicist and engineer, Lester Levenson, had six ulcers, a second heart attack and was told he had only weeks to live. Upon introspection, he found many suppressed emotions stored inside himself. He discovered ways to welcome, dissolve, and release those feelings – healing his body completely and living another forty two years. However, just as importantly, he deeply realized that he was infinitely more than any feeling or thought. His deepest nature had always been free, but he’d not recognized it, until then. For the remaining forty two years of his life he shared this truth and this technique with many. Past trauma, fear, depression, anxiety, anger, and more, can all be released or accepted with such allowance that they dissolve into the boundless love that you are. You have the power and grace to victoriously weather life’s challenges in divorce, leadership, finances, health, relationships, and more. This eloquent and simple self-mastery process is the “how to” of letting go of what you are not – and deeply recognizing the unlimited reality of what you are.


In these times of extreme changes and challenges, we often unconsciously live focused on our feelings and thoughts, but forget that it is the body in which we experience our lives – embodying our anxiety and fears. This workshop embraces both the body and mind’s content as the perfect portal to That which is beyond both, That which is your deepest nature, unlimited being – a divine mystery. We will use ancient questions of self-inquiry, techniques of letting go, dance, meditation, and the exploration of empty space to guide you past the misperception of you and your body as a fixed and limited object. Ultimately, this work is devoted to translating this freedom and healing into living daily life embued with a quieter mind, more love, and more wisdom to care for yourself and this sacred earth.


Radiance in Body and Being

3 Day Retreat

Taught by David Ellzey and Integrative Physician, Maarten Klatte M.D.

On these three life-changing days you’ll learn how to live a healthy and self-healing life through the four pillars of well-being: vital movement, nutritious food, unconditioned love, and letting go. This four-part combination guarantees happiness, health, and inner wellness.  Co-lead by international Sedona Method instructor, David Ellzey, and integrative medicine physician Dr. Maarten Klatte.

   DO YOU …

  • Feel overwhelmed by all the options to create health?
  • Use food to deal with your emotions?
  • Feel at battle with your body?
  • Judge your own self worth based on your body?
  • Feel separate from your body, like an adversary?
  • Feel hopeless about your physical and mental well-being


    • Become the confident architect of your own health and well-being.
    • Visually see how live blood cells respond to love rather than hate.
    • Deepen your ability to dissolve stress in body and mind
    • Discover life-enhancing nutrition that tastes good too!
    • Learn the physical healing power of friendship
    • Gain greater skills to quiet the mind and relax the body

  • Maaarten Klatte, M.D, during the course, will use a microscopic technique that will demonstrate the subtle changes that take place at the cellular level in our body as a result of love and releasing emotions and contractive states of being. The ability to let go will introduced and practiced.

  • Walk out of this course with the direct experience of how you hold great power over your own health and well-being, and learn the ways to activate that power daily.



Awaken to the unlimited peace and possibilities of now.

This course is based on David’s book of the same name.

This workshop is designed to dispel the illusion that the past or future is more real than this present moment. This realization allows us to live with endless possibilities for this moment’s experience, resolution, clear action, or welcomed rest. Whether in marriage or divorce, running a company, or dealing with cancer, we face the same question: Do we respond to life based on our automated emotional habits and perceptions developed since childhood – or do we open to the field of possibilities beyond any habit or past experience? The answer to this question can be experienced as a liberation from the confines of expected results based on the past – and a new openness to experiences and resolutions we could never have previously known until we recognize the ocean of possibilities in the now.

To facilitate this Self-Recognition we will use:

  • Self-Inquiry to discover our vast awareness beyond thoughts and experience
  •  Ancient wisdom teachings
  •  Movement that awakens the body to freedom, lightness, and health
  • Humor about ourselves and the trials of life
  • Group processes that reveal our individuality while proving our oneness.
  • Partnering to recognize and dissolve inner barriers to connection

  • Results can include:

  •  Five ways to know success in life – based on your unlimited nature
  •  Experiencing yourself as the source of your happiness and well being
  •  The deep confidence to victoriously navigate life’s challenges
  •  The direct knowing of your Self beyond all limits
  • A Quieting and pristine clarity of mind
  •  Understanding a deeper and unshakable life-purpose

Ultimately, this workshop guides you in the direct experience of who you are as unlimited presence and awareness. It leads you to see how this realization fills all aspects of your life with a new and profound freedom.



Who Am I Beyond My Problems? Or How to Resolve Your Problems for Life 

In these transformative days you will finally recognize that problems persist because you are using them to define who you are. You will see that who you are is an expression of unlimited life itself, and you’ll discover how this truth weakens all seeming problems by dissolving the “limited and small” self who owned them. Using timeless principles of self-inquiry, advanced Sedona Method skills, awakened movement, dance, and meditation, you will unveil a new and vast freedom of being.

  •  See your perception of who you are is smaller than your true greatness.
  •  Translate problems into issues to be addressed with ease and wisdom.
  •  Find a new freedom beyond old roles you’ve played for years
  •  Master advanced and transformative Sedona Method releasing skills
  •  Directly experience the truth of your unlimited nature
  •  Discover how the body can fully relax, feel free, and play
  •  Deeply know peace, courage, and laughter!

As in all of David’s events, you will directly experience the unlimited essence of who you are. You’ll also see how to live your daily life based in this understanding even amidst life’s challenges and celebrations.