Keynote and Guest Speaker

“David inspires us to move beyond our fears.”
Susan Jeffers, Best Selling Author, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway


David has been a guest and keynote speaker worldwide from Science and Non-Duality Conferences, to The United Nations Society of Enlightenment and Transformation, to The World Bank and Future Business Leaders of America. He has a rare insight into human behavior based on his years of global travels and thousands of hours of coaching. As a speaker he inspires fresh ways of seeing in the context of any event.  Adept at creating lightness amidst the challenges of life and work – he includes entertaining with physical demonstrations of principles needed for life’s success. In all of his presentations he reveals that regardless of what field is being addressed, awareness, compassion, and deep wisdom are our inherent nature. He specializes in inspiring audiences to both excel and become profoundly aware of the peace found within.

“…You had all of us laughing and yet recognizing ways to live with less stress and perhaps even peace inside.” Elisa Liberatori Prati, The World Bank


  •  Conscious Leadership: The Power of Self-Awareness in The Workplace
  •  Beyond Divorce: The Importance of Knowing Who You Are
  • The Secret of Letting Go: A Life of New Freedom
  • Men: Finding the Ultimate Strength – Within
  • The Transforming Power of The Present Moment
  • Shifting Your Paradigm from Limits to Laughter
  • ♦ David can also work with you to design content that relates to, and that will support the success of, your event

  • Fees:

  • Guest Speaker: Up to one hour presentation: $1500
    Including breakout workshop: $2000
  • Keynote: Up to one hour presentation: $2000
    Including breakout workshop: $2500.

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