Gratitude abounds for the stay against building the Dakota pipeline at Standing Rock, ND. Although it is not the end of the battle to protect the sacredness of water and the earth, we and the many devoted tribal members and non-natives there can relax and breathe at least for a bit. Most importantly, we can celebrate that this process is flaming our hearts to unite as a planet and express the Oneness of humanity at a level never known in the earth’s history. Additionally, we know that old paradigms die hard, so in the days ahead as the challenges continue or deepen – this time of recognizing Oneness can not be forgotten, but must continue to be awakened and grow boundless roots of unshakable presence. 

Yes, we must do this to support the earth and humanity, but first and foremost to serve our own saddened heart. The illusion is that humanity is out there and needs healing. No, the one reading these very words is humanity individualized. You represent the entire species. Yes you. Each of us. We ARE humanity. Thus, as we heal our own heart of its fear and separation, we can say without hesitation that the heart of humanity is healing. We should never again lessen the importance of our own personally unique expression of being. The universe IS you. And since there is only One heart beating in all chests and all of nature, the healing of your personal heart has cosmic importance. In your very existence the cosmos sings hallelujah.