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[dropshadowbox align="none" effect="lifted-both" width="100%" height="" background_color="#ffffff" border_width="1" border_color="#dddddd" ]QuoteMarkSMLRDavid has an amazing capacity to help you focus on what you’re seeking then fully support your journey and arrival.”
–Peter Grossman, New York, NY, CEO, infauxtainment.com

[dropshadowbox align="none" effect="lifted-both" width="100%" height="" background_color="#5a7a34" border_width="1" border_color="#547a33" ]Conscious Coach[/dropshadowbox]

“Having read hundreds of books and taken dozens of courses including Anthony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, Life Spring and read everything from Eckhart Tolle to Buddhism to Wayne Dyer, I can say from experience that nothing has given me the peace of mind to run a number of businesses, simultaneously making my first foray into politics, and traveling to international conferences while also dealing with family issues as much as working with you.”
– John Aslanian, Consultant and Marketing Director, New York, NY

“David’s a master coach who can dissolve my panic of single motherhood into a place of profound peace within minutes. He effortlessly guides me home to a sense of power where I’m connected and feel held and supported by the Universe. David has invited me into a realm of delight, freedom, and abundance. He’s helped me be a YES to the mystery of Life. He is rare and precious indeed.”
– Allana Pratt, TV/Radio Host, Sensual Empowerment Coach, Author of How to Be & Stay Sexy

“David is one of those rare master coaches. His coaching was the beacon that guided me to new and fertile territory as I navigated the complexities of a divorce, a growing career, and raising children. I can’t imagine getting through it without him.”

– Jan Nolte, Executive Communications Consultant

“David, you have a very unique talent in opening up massive amounts of blocked energy with razor sharp skills in listening for clues and then hitting the bull’s-eye every time. This is intuitive way beyond your life coaching skills and I am very grateful to be working with such a powerful individual such as yourself. Anyone wanting to change their lives or business direction must call you for an appointment because I believe you work in the realm of miracles. Money very well spent.”
– David Herman, New York  

“David is a master at getting to the core of the matter and helping you release whatever’s in the way, allowing you to co-create whatever you want in your life. Professionally, I have seen a tangible difference at my office. I have cut my hours back to four days a week and am able to see all the people that I previously saw working five days. I have a permanent three-day weekend!”
– Dr. Rick Neal, New York

“I had reached a point where a storm of moments in my career suddenly turned my life upside down. I am now on the other side doing what I have always dreamed of doing. I can honestly and emphatically say David’s coaching made this transition possible. I did not escape the pain. I simply let go of it much more quickly and completely than I could ever have imagined.”
– David L. Maurice, CFP®, MDiv. Principal, Wealth Wise, Inc.

“Want to talk about someone who rocks the house when it comes to insight, humor, and deep, genuine devotion? David has an amazing capacity to help you focus on what you’re seeking, then fully support your journey and arrival. So if you’re thinking about makin’ some moves, the first move you ought to make is to contact David, now.”

– Pete Grossman, Author-Owner, Infauxtainment.com

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[dropshadowbox align="none" effect="lifted-both" width="100%" height="" background_color="#5a7a34" border_width="1" border_color="#547a33" ]Corporate Trainings[/dropshadowbox]

“David has a special blend of professionalism on the subject matter at hand and connecting in a very human way with participants. In fact that human touch, with both humor and warmth, really opened the door for more profound conversations on the work of the team.”
– Douglass Gardner, Deputy Assistant Administrator and Deputy Director
United Nations Development Program

“Our department has gone through a complete transformation. Relationships have dramatically improved…We are able to stay calmer during very hectic periods….David uses his masterful people skills to entertain and inspire. I would trust him 100% to contribute to the health of any company lucky enough to have him.”
– George Pierson, Creative Media Senior Executive

Thank you very much, David, for inspiring our team here at Gilbert Advanced Asset Management. Your teaching style is gentle, entertaining, laser clear and highly effective in guiding the participants into a real understanding of how to improve their relationships with clients, co-workers, and even at home. The feedback has been very positive and I look forward to you individually coaching our team members and going to another level with the whole team contributing to our long term success here at GAAM. Thank you again!”
Pamela Corrigan, CEO, Gilbert Advanced Asset Management, Inc.

“I was looking for a technique to help my staff deal with emotions… and avoid reacting negatively to tough situations. Sedona really fit the bill. The course was simple, fun and direct. One employee who I felt would resist the training remarked that more companies should invest this way in their employees. I agree. Thank you.”
– Steven Deutsch, Director of Resident Services, International House, NY (Honorary Trustees: David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Gerald Ford)

“The Sedona Method was a huge help to me as a Microsoft manager. It enabled me to engage my emotions and intellect without burning out or clashing unnecessarily with others. It helped me work easily with former adversaries, and to get beyond politics and preferences, to determine the best course of action for the group.”
– James Tierney, Former manager and director at Microsoft

“All of the key people in my company have taken your course. Not only has there been a dramatic (over 200%) increase in sales, but the best part is that we enjoy working together in harmony, watching our dreams unfold. As a company, releasing gives us a major advantage over our competitors.”
– Rick Solomon, President, CPA Network

“As business owners, one of the most important factors for success is managing the personal resources of our employees. The Sedona Method training is an integral part of our employee training for this reason. It has provided a powerful, common experience for our staff, allowing each of them, along with us, to deal with potentially conflicting issues effectively and efficiently. Doing so has brought out the best among us all, making for a truly dynamic and productive environment and most importantly, successful business outcomes.”
– David L. Maurice, CFP®, MDiv. Principal, Wealth Wise, Inc.

“As president of a 30 million dollar company in the throws of liquidation, the stress and depression felt overwhelming. David, you and this method helped me find an inner source of power, clarity and even peace that brought me through to the other side. Already, I’m moving forward with a sense of confidence and success. I’d have never thought it possible. Truly, a million thanks.”
– John Aslanian, President, Quality House of Graphics

“Many of our patients and staff are glowing after the seminar. They have found previously unknown inner reserves of healing and happiness. This technique is tremendous.”
– James H. Martin, DC, NMD, DACBN, FAAIM

“I work in sales and there are 20 salespeople that cover our area. The economy is slowing down, and 17 of these reps are reporting lower sales but for three of us, sales are going up and I put my success down to my releasing.”
– Jim Driscoll, senior account manager for an abrasives company

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Found Out Who I Truly Am
“I’ve been given an experience of who is behind all my stories, roles, and history…Thank you, David, from the bottom of my heart.”

– Dhiresha Marshall, Durham, NC

From Knowing to Being
“David moved me to finally and deeply understand what it means to move from knowing spiritual truth to being it.”
– Paul McGillivray, MeetingTruth.com

There’s Life After Divorce
“I gained my life back after my divorce. Thank you for giving me the tools to move on with my life.”
– Barbara Washburn, New York, NY

Free of The Past
“The past is done and gone and I am no longer the prisoner of it”
Manna Scott, Congers, NY

Overflowing Gratitude
“After your class, and most especially after the visit to Ground Zero on that Saturday night, I decided to begin blessing each moment I live and breathe. Since that night, I’ve found myself in a constant state of gratitude for all that I am, have, and do.”
– Annie Smutko, PA

Never at This Depth Before
“If you get to facilitate group experiences that come anywhere close to this weekend’s magnificence on a regular basis the world will be changing exponentially! I have never experienced working anywhere near this depth before. Many thanks David.”
– Dona McNiell, North Carolina

400 Hours at a Zen Monastery
“I can only equate what I went through to 200 hours of psychotherapy multiplied by 400 hours at a Zen monastery”

– Dan Hoffman, California

Got Married!
“I hope you remember me—I was the person who really wanted to meet the man I would spend the rest of my life with. It was a big thing for me to declare this to a group of strangers. I thought you might like to know that I did. He was, in fact, in my life at the time but I didn’t take him at all seriously… After the seminar something shifted and I thought, what the hell… So I dated him some more and whaddya know—we got married last November. He is truly wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. We both feel very lucky and very happy. I have included a pic for you. Hope all is very well with you.”
Jane Elliot, New York, NY

Broadening of Courage
“At the outset of this course, I experienced a shift in consciousness, a great  broadening of courageousness. It was a real surprise to discover a new strength for creating and doing things, just springing from within. Not only has this shift persisted until now, a month after the course, but it is still expanding. Honestly, I didn’t expect such a great gain during a three-day course and I feel very grateful about it. David has the rare capacity, not only to show things with clarity, to teach and bring deep changes with ease, but he also transmits something which gives the whole experience an entirely new dimension.”
– Norbert Martin, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Dissolved with Humor
“I love how David uses humor to dissolve our stories. In a fun, deeply touching, and beautiful way, he manages to facilitate our own knowing of truth.”

– Susie Beiler, Nutritionist

The Non-Teacher
“You taught without teaching”
James Hurley, New York

The Comfort of Space
“This course helped remind me that the space around thoughts is really safe. I’m now clearer about how good that space feels. I feel calmer, stronger, and more centered. Thank you, David”

– Arlene Gorman, New Jersey

Discoveries with the Body
“I came to a new level of connection to my body. I realize that the mental scars, disfigurements, and weight are all a connection to my history – to my parents and are deeply a part of all that, and yet I now see that I’m greater than my body as a magnificent spirit.”
– Ann Fry, New York, NY

“This workshop profoundly quieted much of the chatter in my mind regarding my body.”
– Fred McCreary, New York, NY

“This course on the body brought me in touch with how I can shed the misfortunes of the past and the expectations of the future about my body, as well as my life, so I can really be here, now, and just be.”
– Robert Dioguardi, New York, NY

“I feel a lot more comfortable with my body, incredible gratitude towards it, and total acceptance of how it looks. Besides this, I discovered that who I truly am goes far beyond the physical body and that I am always okay.”
– Marcela Pulido, New York, NY

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[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”100%” height=”” background_color=”#5a7a34″ border_width=”1″ border_color=”#547a33″ ]The Sedona Method Seminars[/dropshadowbox]

This method is one of the easiest and most powerful tools of self-improvement and spiritual growth I have ever experienced.”
– Jack Canfield, Best selling author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Brilliantly simple and simply brilliant! The Sedona Method is a great resource for coaches, therapists, healers, managers, and anyone who desires deep, gentle change at a rapid pace.”
– Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., author of Conscious Loving and The Conscious Heart

“Tons lifted off my shoulders
– Edward Grossman, Monroe, NY

“…Years of stories and hang-ups gone in seconds!”
– Helen Wingate, UK

Relationship, Body, and Emotions Healing in 3 days!
“Results of this course? Let’s start with that in 3 days, my relationship has gone from ‘probably over’ to ‘definitely renewed, alive and vibrant.’ A multitude of fears, angers, pain (physical & mental) have either gone away or are dissipating rapidly. For the first time in my life I can, sometimes in mere seconds…deal with situations/events that would have driven me over the edge. Those around me look at me wondering, ‘Did he win the lottery?’, the answer is no, I got something better…no kidding.
– Kirk Neal, New York, NY

Better Sleep
“I am participating in a Duke University diagnostic study for insomnia, and as I fill out questionnaires on a daily basis tracking my sleep I can tell you for a fact that my sleep has improved from the very night I used the Method and uncovered those feelings.”
– Jeffrey M. Bergman

Life Beyond Cancer
“Originally, I took the Sedona Method to release the emotions that contributed to my ulcers and diverticulitus. Learning that emotions did not have to run my life changed my life forever. Recently, releasing allowed me to recover from cancer without getting lost in the fear of death.
– Pavani Talbot, Laguna Beach, CA

Enhances the 12-Step Program
“The Sedona Method enhanced my ability to work my 12 Steps. As you can tell, I highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to speed up their personal recovery progress. It worked wonders for me. I have been clean and sober for 15 years now. Thank you, 12-Step Program. Thank you, Sedona Method. Thank you, God.”
– Jacquie Solomon, Phoenix, AZ

Finding My Ideal House!
After strongly believing that owning my own home was next to impossible, and looking for several years, I used this technique to let go of that belief – and found my ideal house that very afternoon!”
– Aurelia Hearn, New York

Marriage Improved
“My relationship with my wife is greatly improved. We bicker far less frequently and have a more profound understanding of each other and a better sense of common purpose. We are closer.”
– David Dale, Richmond, BC, Canada 

Medication Free
“I was put on Paxil to deal with Chronic Fatigue and when I felt physically better, I wanted to drop the drug. I failed twice, unable to deal with the emotions that arose. Then I learned the Sedona Method and used that to deal with what came up successfully. I no longer needed the Paxil. This was truly empowering! Thank you.”
– R.Z. New York, NY

Social Phobia Dissolved
“For someone who, for the last 16 years or so, has not had a social life, never easily entered into conversation with strangers and always felt a bit isolated … My fear has left me for good. I find myself smiling easily at strangers and just talking to them as if I’ve known them all my life. I can’t thank you enough!”
– Amin, UK

Manifesting Easily
“Since I have started using the Sedona Method … Thoughts and desires are manifesting quickly … I am able to accomplish more during my day, with less effort than in the past. I feel less stressed and more at peace than ever before.”
– Michaela Sirbu, London, Ontario, Canada

Even My Son Loved It!
“After the course, my 22-year-old son said, “Dad, out of all the things we ever did (scuba diving, skiing, etc.), this was the best!” You made a tremendous and lasting impact on my son. He is now trying to teach the basic processes to some of his friends. It meant a lot to me to hear him say that. Thank you.”
– Ron Locatis, North Carolina

Back Pain Gone
“Just by tuning in on someone else’s releasing process on their back pain, I was able, myself, to eliminate all of my own back pain. And in general, my body has felt lighter and had less stiffness in my joints.”

– Jim Mousseau, Sarasota, FL

Leaving The Stress of Work Behind
I’m more relaxed and focused in my workplace.  Not sweating the small stuff, feeling great with letting it go. Being able to walk out the door after work and leaving the stress and events of the day behind.”

– Peggy Nelson, Fresenius Medical Care

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[dropshadowbox align=”none” effect=”lifted-both” width=”100%” height=”” background_color=”#5a7a34″ border_width=”1″ border_color=”#547a33″ ]Speaker[/dropshadowbox]

The World Bank

World Bank Reference Letter2“Thank you for a wonderfully entertaining yet meaningful presentation at The World Bank event. You had us all laughing and yet recognizing ways to live with less stress and perhaps even more peace inside. We look forward to working with you in the future in other team-building events.” – Elisa Liberatori Prati, Manager, Consumer Solutions & Support, Information Solutions Group, The World Bank

United Nations Development Programme

3 CORP.UNDP Endorsement2 JPG“David has a special blend of professionalism on the subject matter at hand and connecting in a very human way with participants. In fact that human touch with both humor and warmth, really opened the door for more profound conversations on the work of the team. I would recommend David without hesitation…” Douglass Gardner, Deputy Assistant Administrator and Deputy Director, United Nations Development Programme

Future Business Leaders of America

2 FBLA Reference Letter Large“Last week you worked with over 600 students who realized, after your workshops and keynote speech, that they are already leaders inside. Your approach and ability to get these students involved is magnificent. I also want to thank you for leading by example. You are definitely a man of integrity, and it is evident in your presentations and interactions with adults and young people.” Jeannine Ellaby, Chairman, Business Department, Future Business Leaders of America, Adviser

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[dropshadowbox align="none" effect="lifted-both" width="100%" height="" background_color="#5a7a34" border_width="1" border_color="#547a33" ]Transformational Entertainer[/dropshadowbox]

“David Ellzey is a master performer who has the rare ability to inspire both laughter and the profound realization of our unlimited nature. He added a new and very welcome dimension to our conference’s success.”
– Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo, Co-founders of the Science and Non-Duality Conference

“David Ellzey’s performance is actually a transformance which assists in breaking barriers so one may experience the excellence within.
– Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, Featured Teacher in the film, The Secret

“David Ellzey is an accomplished court jester to humanity. Through his humor, he connects us to our larger selves.”
– The Late Norman Cousins, Best selling author of, Anatomy of an Illness

“David Ellzey has rubber legs!”
– Los Angeles City Magazine

“The miracle of David is that as a performer he is a modern day shaman. He initiates us into seeing and participating in the Invisible worlds, and after an hour of tenderly creating a myriad of astonishing universes within a well-forgotten emptiness onstage, he leaves us fully awake, reconnected to our natural joy, and basking in our own wholeness.
David kindly reveals to us our own inner awkwardness, the secret, desperate, impossible attempts to save ourselves from reality … a profound unmasking of the fool within, a surrender through laughter.
It is impossible to leave David’s show without being touched by his intimacy with emptiness in space and in awareness. That he is alone and naked, so to speak, on an empty stage is forgotten before the end of the very first minute as he masterfully engages our imagination with a complete surrender to the un-conditioned flow of reality that permeates his every movement. From curiosity, to wonder, to laughter, David’s show leaves us with a trace of the divine in our hearts. And at the end, having forgotten any sense of separation, we remain as laughter itself.”

Vera de Chalambert

“David Ellzey is a world ambassador of the most important kind; He reminds us to laugh and remember our common humanity. David I hope you continue to enhance the health of people through laughter and good humor.”
– Robert Mueller, Former Under Secretary General of the United Nations

“David Ellzey is a brilliantly funny and poignant mime who touched us and made us laugh with stories that he wove using skills that stunned the audience.”
– Jerry Katz, Founder, Nonduality.org

“David’s performance is powerful and inspiring!”
– Robert Chartoff, Award Winning Film Producer of Rocky

“David Ellzey is charming and effective.”
Los Angeles Times

“Ellzey transcends in the art of mime”
South China Morning Post

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