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    THIS MORNING SOMETHING HAPPENED: After the tumult of the last few weeks here in the US, and the ensuing emotions of many friends, clients, and myself at times, I was beautifully reminded of the overview of it all. My window was open for the fresh autumn air. The New York garbage trucks passing loudly by in the streets, and then in a moment of quiet I hear it … A lone hawk’s haunting call in the sky above this concrete jungle. Twenty years of living here and never has this friend visited me before. The beautiful hawk’s voice spoke to my heart. “Don’t despair. Come to me. Feel me. Feel my expansive view of the earth, the air under my wings holding me aloft. Remember humankind will go through dark and light. But never forget the true air underneath your wings is your heart. This will never fail you.” I bow to you my friend, hawk, in gratitude.