The Way of Calm Amidst Chaos

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As order appears to disintegrate,
Make me an instrument of thy vision amidst chaos.

As violence is stirred against violence in thoughts, emotions, and actions –

Strengthen my clarity of sight that I may see the pain that gives it birth.

As the echo of separation reverberates throughout humankind –

Pull me asunder to drown in thy unbound love – in the Oneness that can never be torn apart.

Then guide my every action, word, and deed, that I may be a disarmingly gentle, yet fiercely present, portal to thee, the deepest nature of all being.

As humanity’s old ways flounder in the ocean of existence, may the mist of my own old ways dissolve into the purifying warmth of the new, yet timeless ways, of enduring life.

Amidst this world, may I represent this way.

I bow.

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