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Welcome. Is conscious coaching right for you? Across five continents David has coached parents, leaders, people going through divorce and financial concerns, as well as people awakening to a deeper knowing of who they are.  Through this coaching they successfully let go of, and see through, the hold that thoughts, emotions, and stress have on their well-being and tranquility. Ultimately this work is to help you know a more free sense of being – and how to live this understanding more fully in your daily life of relationships, career, health, and self-knowing.

This consultation is designed to: 

  • ~Reveal a clear understanding of your current life situation and sense of awareness
    ~Clarify what your hopes are in your heart
    ~Investigate the “obstacles” of thoughts and beliefs that are preventing you from realizing these hopes
    ~Directly experience dissolving a few of those obstacles
    ~Decide if conscious coaching can support you with a quieter mind, greater understanding of who you are, and the skills to more calmly navigate and flourish amidst life’s many challenges. 

If this approach of self-discovery resonates with you and you’d like to know more, please choose TWO best OPTIONS below for your free 30-minute consultation.

For your greatest happiness.

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