You Are That Which is Beyond Definition

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I write this as I watch my leg injury cause an impulse to create a new identity as “Someone who has a leg injury.” Yes, my leg is injured, but creating a new identity is the question. Please read on …

Ironic huh?
We crave relief from suffering
Yet we grasp tightly to the details of our pains and stories.
Using them as reference points to prop up a sense of a “me.”
Al beit, a me with pain and struggle.

We’ll do almost anything to attempt to have a defined self.
It is an innocent impulse to know who we are, however misguided.

So now, in this moment of your life, experiment …
Compassionately allowing for your life events to be –
Consider being here without those events creating a “me.”
Sound strange? If you’re willing, ask yourself …

What remains without being defined?
What remains beyond the mind’s rebellion against this experiment?
And beyond any impulse to hold on – or defend a position?
And beyond whatever is here next?
Take a breath. Lower your shoulders.

In the end, what is aware of this moment; this story, these events, compassionately allowing what is – and yet not defined by any of it?
What remains that swallows all definitions?
What is here that a word can never touch?

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