Today, no matter how hard you beat yourself up for this or that, or something you’ve been or not been in the past or present, try this. Breathe a gentle breath. Know that there is no such thing as someone you should have been, or should now be. See clearly that those are lies, ideas, concepts you learned and accepted as true. You simply ARE – and have always “been.” Breathe again – lower your shoulders.

Take a break from the unending trail of tears of “how I should have been different.” How I should have been more like my parents said, the commercials say, or my culture says.” This moment is who you are. You are this, nothing more and nothing less. THIS. Anything else is imagined.

Breathe again. Notice the mind’s rebellion against this. “David, you don’t understand, I could have, should have, might have been, etc, etc.” Yes it will want to debate the simplicity of being. It will want to protect its belief in your unworthiness, your imperfection, your identity created over time. It will want to drown your simplicity of being in a drive to be something “more.” Yes, you can learn more knowledge or improve a skill, but your beingness can not be improved.

Breathe now, again … A gentle breath of being. Lower those shoulders. With all your seeming imperfections and human frailties, know that each and every atom, molecule, tree, animal, planet, solar system, and beyond – is the perfect reflection of the unbound source of life itself. YOU are a perfect reflection. Yes even your feelings of imperfection are in this moment okay, perfect, innocent in their expression. You are fine. In fact, you are a miraculous expression of life. EXACTLY as you are – every seemingly imperfect radiant atom of being. Yes, YOU.


David has inspired a quarter million people worldwide to awaken beyond their mind’s limitations. Through Awakened Life Coaching and one of four world-wide Sedona Method Instructors, David Ellzey is a leader in the Mindfulness Movement. David is a Best-Selling Author, and a noted Keynote and Guest Speaker who works with C-Level Executives, Corporate Teams as well as Individuals going through Divorce, Stress of Parenting and Caregiving for the Aging or Dying. Work with David Ellzey to experience what it’s like to have Freedom from stressful emotions, like anxiety, anger, fear -Living beyond self-judgment and self-doubt.

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