Having read hundreds of books and taken dozens of courses … everything from Anthony Robbins and Eckhart Tolle to Buddhism and Wayne Dyer, I can say from experience that nothing has given me the peace of mind to run a number of businesses, make my first foray into politics, and travel to international conferences while also dealing with family issues as much as working with David.”
— John Aslanian, Consultant and Marketing Director, New York, NY

What is Conscious Living?
We live each day unconsciously responding to life from habitual emotions and thought – or we live aware and open to each moment’s infinitely new potential. From CEO’s and entrepreneurs to parents to caregivers of the dying, and people across five continents, David has helped quiet the chaos of the mind and emotions, helping countless people awaken to a deep sense of freedom, love, and possibility.

Who is David as a coach and what can you expect from him? 
David has a rare presence, a disarming compassion, and a laser clear ability to help you dismantle the mind’s unconscious matrix and its hold on your life. He is licensed with The International Federation of Coaches and is one of four globally licensed instructors of the emotional health technique, The Sedona Method. For years working in the field of consciousness and well-being David has developed a uniquely powerful approach that combines self-inquiry, letting go, and the investigation into the mind and awareness. Results unravel emotional habits and the falsehood of limited thought. This liberation reveals the boundless freedom, love, and wisdom of your deepest nature and impacts all your relationships: including to yourself, family, humanity, and all of life.

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  • Some of the common areas of life transformed:
  •  Parenting with more love and ease (click here)
  •  Gaining self awareness and strength after divorce
  •  Caregiving of parents or loved ones with more peace
  •  Creating more love in marriage or important relationships
  •  Freedom from stressful emotions, like anxiety, anger, fear, and more
  •  Living beyond self-judgment and self-doubt
  •  Having an expansive sense of unbound awareness

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Three Coaching Sessions, customized support audios available

Each session you’ll uncover and dissolve unconscious habits of emotions, thoughts, and perceptions of yourself and life. A new sense of freedom, a quieter mind, and more harmonious relationships will be the mirror of your inner transformation. Having a few sessions will integrate this more fully into daily life as opposed to where, after a single session, discoveries may be lost into repeated habits if not explored to deepen the roots of new expanding awareness.

Six Sessions, customized support audios available
Similar to the three sessions, the purpose of six sessions is to more fully integrate and build momentum for your expanding freedom and awareness in your daily life in your relationships with your children, as a CEO, in your marriage, at work and more. In these sessions you can focus on an on-going issue, something that’s on your plate for the day, or the deeper inquiry of self-realization. Whatever the focus, all sessions lead to a similar place: peeling back appearances to reveal your inherent love, intelligence, and ease of being.

Ongoing Sessions, customized support audios available
In this package, coaching with David is just what it says, “coaching.” This is similar to you playing your game of life and having a conscious coach to check-in with on the sidelines on an ongoing basis. With time your deepest unconscious behaviors give way to a profound sense of awakened awareness based in self-love, peace, and a calm intelligence that guides your every day.

Speak with David for a free 30 minute consultation to see what can be in store for you. Click below.

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Coaching for Conscious Parenting Click here
Coaching for Conscious Leadership Click here

“David is one of those rare master coaches. His coaching was the beacon that guided me to new and fertile territory as I navigated the complexities of a divorce, a growing career, and raising children. I can’t imagine getting through it without him.” 
Jan Nolte, Executive Communications Consultant

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